It's so comfortable when you go with INSTAHOMEPAGE, we do almost all the work for you. The following five steps show how you will get to your own homepage in a very short time. Here you will also see what information we need do start creating.

Step 1: Logo

First we define the logo. Either we get one from you or we create one (included in the price).

Step 2: Colors

Do you have an idea how your homepage should appear? Otherwise it's also ok to give an indication, like "light", "dark", "happy", "elegant", "red tones", ...

Step 3: Decoration pictures

On the start page as well as the other pages it's possible to have a design element or picture on the right side of the text. That is supposed to bring some life to the screen. If you do not have any pictures on your own, we could also place a symbol, an illustration or a stock photo. Stock photos are pictures from an online archive. We are happy to answer questions regarding that.

Step 4: Sub pages

It depends on your business what sub pages are required. You can change the contents of these sub pages anytime yourself. The following sub pages are available:

  • Service
    Informations about your services or offerings including the possibility to attach a price list
  • Gallery
    Gallery for photos that you can upload yourself anytime
  • Dates
    List of dates, for example public performances if you are an artist or events you are hosting
  • Contact
    Your contact information (address, phone, etc.), including Google Maps
  • Links
    List of links to other websites like partners and such
  • Showcase*
    To present your projects or products with text and pictures
  • Staff*
    To present your staff with text and pictures, including an "Available" marker
* Module available at an additional fee

Step 5: Domain

Each homepage needs an individual address, a domain. If you already have one, our technicians will help you make the necessary adjustments so it will point to our network. There is no need to purchase separate webspace from a provider, that's all included.

If you do not own a domain yet, we will assist you in registering one. A domain costs around USD 10-15 / EUR 8-12 per year which has to be paid directly to the domain registry.

Do you have questions about the platform or the implementation?

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